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Gouda Abdel-Khalek is Professor of Economics in the Faculty of Economics, Cairo University. He holds a Ph.D. from McMaster University (Canada). In addition to serving as advisor to various national organizations in Egypt, he served as international consultant for the UN (ECA , ESCWA, UNDP and UNU), the Population Council, and the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) , and also as senior expert in the World Bank. Prof Abdel-Khalek was Fulbright Visiting Research Scholar at Johns Hopkins University and visiting professor at UCLA and USC, where he taught Theory of International Trade and Economic Development of the Middle East.

His publications include: World Economic Crises; Manufacturing and Industrialization; The Political Economy of Income Distribution in Egypt; Stabilization and Adjustment Policies and Programmes, plus articles and book reviews in Cairo Papers in the Social Sciences; Economic Development and Cultural Change; L’Egypte Contemporaine; Energy Economics; and Social Problems. His most recent book is Stabilization and Adjustment in Egypt; Reform or De-Industrializaion, published by Edward Elgar (2001) and Arabic translation published in (2004).

Mr. Abdel-Khalek is winner of State Prize for Achievement in Social Sciences (2004), Fulbright Visiting Research Scholarships (1988/89 and 2002/2003), and University Research Award (1985). His research interests include: globalization and financial crises; macro policies for poverty reduction, economic reform, and industrialization policies.

He served as Minister of Solidarity and  Social Justice in the post January 25 revolution governments.